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Famous last tweet: No public Twitter messages.

Goodbye insane connectivity

Now I want to see the internet at a distance. By separating myself from the constant connectivity, I can see which aspects are truly valuable, which are distractions for me, and which parts are corrupting my very soul.

I know what this means Paul. This is why I decided to shut down my Facebook account this past week. The goal is now a friend-less Facebook account to check events since Facebook has killed mailing lists, blogs and websites of groups in general.

Posting frequency

The word on the street is that if you’re applying for faculty positions or jobs people look at your blog. What they are looking for is how much time you’ve spent on it.

The rationale is simple. If you’re posting a lot, this is time you could have spent thinking and writing fellowship/grant applications. In other words, the less you post, the more likely you are obsessed with dedicated to your work.

Now, obviously none of this makes sense except in the light of a work-a-holic society where “bare hands dug freedom” (for a less contemporaneous read, please read this).

At any rate, judging by the dates on the first page, it looks like I’m well on my way for a position in a high profile school :-)

Coffee Porn


From the Home Barista Titan Grinder Project.

Alfredo Marcucci

Simply great

Simply as in, one single mic to record the trio.

Weblog writing

Great writing can’t be taught, but atrocious writing is entirely preventable.

Interesting read.

On Style

“your style is a function of your limitations, more so than a function of your skills.”

Johnny Cash wisdom by way of Rosanne Cash. [nyt]


A urgência do tempo é melhor demonstrada pela sensação dos livros que obrigatoriamente temos ainda que ler.

Bocas da reacção


Bed time reading

Bed time reading